wtorek, 13 marca 2012

Letizia Battaglia

Ze swoją mądrością, doświadczeniem, sycylijskim typem (wątpliwej) urody doskonale pasują na kolejne twarze projektu CRONE.


CRONE is a visual oral history, zooming in on the extraordinary voice of the older woman. While an abundance of media fixates on the young, famous, rich; equally on violence and corruption, CRONE passionately veers off towards the under-represented older women to reclaim what it is to be an experienced, knowledgeable, and powerful force in life. CRONE is concerned with relaying stories from generation to the next about the evolution of womanhood in the 21st century, offering an alternative paradigm by chronologically and otherwise gifted women. Delving into the memories of our Foresisters, CRONE will access and share the profound wisdom and experiences of women, in depth, humor, decadence, and inspiration.

Palermo Shooting

nie odnalazłam klucza do Palermo, chyba nie o miasto chodzi.

poniedziałek, 12 marca 2012

Klimas o modzie

Joanna Klimas, dla Wysokich Obcasów.

środa, 7 marca 2012


Eryka znowu w formie